Personal/Life Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about helping people just like you to be the best they can be, to discover their true power, to create and live true purpose.

Personal or life coaching is a highly effective means of unlocking your potential in order to maximize your performance in your own life. It makes you aware of your strengths, builds your confidence, helps you to find your own answers and moves you forward to where you really want to be quicker and more effectively than if you worked on your own.

Although we can all achieve great results on our own, a professionally accredited coach helps you to gain and maintain focus, raise your awareness, change your perceptions and boost your confidence & motivation levels – as a result you achieve increased performance effectiveness in your own life.

Within a coaching relationship, your coach offers you sound and unbiased guidance as you face major decisions about life changes. Your coach also helps you to clarify your goals and vision and keeps you focused on what’s important to you.

Coaching is also an excellent resource for people who have a clear vision and set of goals but are having issues creating an actionable plan to make that vision a reality.

If you are ready to take a leap, step out of your comfort zone, let go of your own self-defeating behaviour or are just looking for a way to push yourself to the next level, personal coaching is the answer.

Is coaching for you?

You would greatly benefit from coaching if the below questions resonate with you on some level. Take a moment and answer them – honestly. This will be an eye-opening experience allowing you to find out for yourself whether coaching is right for you.

  • Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?
  • Do you have an inner knowing that there must be more to life?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you feel that you aren’t reaching your potential?
  • Do you feel lost, empty or unfulfilled?
  • Do you feel stuck in your own unproductive ways?
  • Do you believe you don’t have the skills, resources or confidence to get something complete?
  • Are you afraid of the unknown?
  • Are you anxious, stressed or unmotivated?
  • Are you putting off making decisions or fail to stick to those decisions you have made?
  • Have you lost momentum?
  • Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?
  • Are your actions supporting your ideas?
  • Do you feel that you can’t get everything done that you need to in the time you have?
  • Are you facing a major transition?
  • Are you looking for different way?
  • Are you ready to entertain new ideas?
  • Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you ready to challenge yourself?
  • Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

If you have answered these questions honestly, you now know whether you would benefit from coaching. If in doubt, get in touch to arrange a free & non-obligatory coaching strategy session to discuss your specific situation with one of our coaches.

PS. Coaching is, of course, completely confidential!

Why you should work with us?

We love to see people making the most of their lives, on their own terms. We love it when they pursue their goals, aspirations and dreams, when other people’s opinions do not matter, when they focus on the good and positive within and around them, when obstacles are just temporary, when there is no failure only feedback, when they feel the fear and do it anyway.

As much as we love seeing people thriving as a result of their own persistent commitment to living a fulfilling life, we dislike seeing people suffering by not knowing what they really want out of life, by feeling as though they are wasting their life, by being afraid of the unknown, by not having the courage to speak their own truth and pursue their own goals and dreams, by being afraid to fail.

As professional coaches, we are passionate about helping people to discover their full potential and to believe in themselves so that they can live a fulfilling life. It’s our my mission to empower those who do not feel empowered.

We do this by working with us in the following ways:

  • by introducing you to fresh new perspectives which open-up, motivate and inspire,
  • by helping you to define and connect to what you want to achieve for yourself,
  • by exploring your limitations, fears and beliefs which are holding you back,
  • by shifting your attention to beliefs which uplift and empower,
  • by encouraging you to be the best and authentic version of yourself, and
  • by raising your awareness of 1) your own responsibility for making changes and leading the life you truly want and deserve 2) your strengths and internal resources which all too often are overlooked and not utilised and 3) how the way you look at things impacts the results you are getting.

We agree with George Eliot who said that ‘It is never too late to become the person who you might have been.’ However, the longer people leave it, the longer their suffering will be. Naturally, we are therefore very much interested in helping people to move forward fast and do so by facilitating an open and honest dialogue which directly addresses any limitations which are holding them back.


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DISC Personality Profiling

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What people say…

Career: “I had a fantastic coach. With her help, my circumstances are completely changed. I am 6 weeks into a new job that I thought would be a far away dream, I am more confident in my professional life and I have improved my personal life. I would recommend APower 3 to anyone who would like to give coaching a try. They are clearly very dedicated to it and find genuine pleasure in helping people in this way.” Sarah Goodwin

Field Officer

Confidence & Relationships: “I can honestly say my coaching sessions and guidance has helped me through what I would describe as the most challenging and confusing part of my life. My coach’s style left me feeling able to openly converse with her and I never felt judged or criticised for anything we discussed. My coach has given some invaluable support and access to tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and good life habits that has maintained my continuing progress and given me a true sense of direction in my life. The coaching has exceeded all expectations I had of what could be achieved through life coaching – I achieved my objectives and in the progress have gained so much more.” Lyndsey Cassidy

QA Coordinator

Phobia: “APower 3 helped me enormously with a phobia I have. My coach’s calm approach has enabled me to benefit from the NLP sessions I had with her. I feel my life has been transformed because I do not worry or feel as panicked by the triggers of my phobia. Last December I was able to join colleagues on an international business trip. My NLP sessions helped me board that plane and have one of the most enjoyable trips of my life. I was able to be part of the team and participate in the activities whilst I was in Arizona. I could not have done this without my coach’s help and patience. She is a true professional and knows exactly how to help those with triggers that cause panic. I cannot thank her enough for helping me work through my issues and to enable me to eventuality find the freedom to live my life.” Joanna Breen

Head of Human Resources

Long term ambitions: “Sonja is a fantastic coach, she really gets to the crux of the situation. She has a no nonsense approach and you feel very supported throughout the process. I now feel empowered and ready to embrace my life long ambitions as Sonja has given me the tools and the self-belief to drive these forward by helping me realise what was holding me back. I will be eternally grateful for this.” Sarah Cloughly

Social Entrepreneur

Weight management & Confidence: “During the last 10 years I have experienced intermittent weight management problems, which as a consequence was affecting my confidence, and thus negatively impacting on both my personal and professional life. I approached weight management from many an angle including lifestyle modification, diet and exercise, counselling etc. etc. For a few weeks my approach worked but that wasn’t long lived, before long I fell of the wagon! By the time I approached APower 3 I was desperate! During my sessions with Sonja, I noticed her extensive knowledge and expertise with her content to be remarkable. She has a wonderful ability to communicate with a wide variety of personalities, and help each individual reach their potential through understanding each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Her energy and spirit are amazing. Sonja’s personality is truly enchanting, cheerful and encouraging. She enjoys her work and makes sure that her clients enjoy the sessions too. Sonja is very adept at listening and helps and encourages you to see the light at the proverbial ‘end of the tunnel.’ Additionally Sonja has what I call ‘perspective.’ Because she is also involved in NLP, she possesses more than the average myopic view of a coach; She has the ability to see the bigger picture and relate the initial weight management with other facets of my life, which is something that I never considered. During my time with Sonja, I noted a positive difference in myself and a change in my attitude – I became a glass half full person as opposed to glass half empty person. The most prominent feature of my sessions was my ability to describe to Sonja a visualization of my progress; quite often I would state that I was now ready to break through the wall that was standing in front of me, and if not I would climb over it or walk round the sides! To date, I have lost a great deal of weight and on target to achieve my ideal weight. Incredibly I have maintained the weight loss, which is something that I haven’t been able to achieve thus far. I only have coach Sonja to thank for this – I am truly indebted to Sonja for her time, energy and patience!” Anonymous

Medical Practitioner

Presentation & Public speaking: “My coach helped me with my presentation and public speaking skills. She was very professional and her coaching style made it very easy for me to open up which made it a very pleasant experience. We identified a limiting belief that was blocking me and she helped me overcome this by replacing it with an empowering belief. This allowed me to really believe in myself. My coach’s NLP skills make her a very effective coach and I would like to work more with her in the future.” Jeno Nagy

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Mentoring for spiritual entrepreneurs: “Sonja and I have been working together for a few years now and I have grown to trust her advice. Our relationship has blossomed and her insights have supported me in my creative path with many positive outcomes. Sonja has not only been a valuable mentor for my business as a creative entrepreneur / artist but also in my spiritual practice. She has enabled me to have more awareness of how they all connect and link. She is a great grounding force and has helped me to focus. Sonja has also enabled my business and ideas to take flight and evolve. I would recommend her as she is insightful, listens and provides clarity in an open an non judgemental way.” Joanne Webb

Creative Entrepreneur & Artist

Confidence in social situations: “My coach helped me with regaining my confidence in social situations. She made me think differently in relaxing sessions. She put me at ease and I found it very helpful. I have now learnt to have positive thoughts as opposed to negativity. I look forward to socialising rather than declining invitations and staying home!” Gina Lawrence


Career & Focus: “APower 3’s work exceeded all my expectations. My coach had a gift of understanding and absorbing potentialities and transforming them into action and goals in a practical and direct way. I highly recommend their services.” Fabiane Esteves


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